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"Everything she touches turns to gold..."

Event Planner Party Planner Celebration

Sandi Heinrich
Event Specialist

Epic Celebrations

It’s a high compliment received years ago from someone who frequently witnessed my creative undertakings and one I’ve considered the benchmark for my artistic endeavors ever since. I am fortunate to be naturally blessed with a creative eye, and a knack for both organization and bringing people together.


Over the years I’ve put my talents to use in the fields of fashion merchandising and professional photography, and now, paired with a degree in psychology, I am applying my unique skill set to bring a human-centered approach to event planning.


I believe organizing events should be about more than logistics, details, and creating an aesthetically beautiful setting. Events are an experience and that experience should be rich and fulfilling, leaving everyone in attendance feeling like they’ve been part of something meaningful.


I want to help you gather better by considering beyond aesthetics and logistics - let's take your event to the next level by also shaping how your time with your guests is spent, so neither you nor your guests will ever forget your Epic Celebration!

Say hello to Sandi!

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